Kids fun

Kids fun

How’s it going

I’m wanting too get my young

Lad into bike (he is 8) and he is

Mad too start.

Is there any tracks or areas that

Is safe for him too learn ?

We are based in Dublin and don’t

Mind traveling.

We are looking at these stomp 110

Pit bike or the likes of a crf90/110 or

The Yamaha pw50.

Any info would be great


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Free at last

Free at last

Finally a day out, Borris, Kilmore Quay, Graig. I’ve cream! Coffee and sea air. 220k total. Superb. It’s been far too long.

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Full Throttle = faster acceleration?

Full Throttle = faster acceleration?

Hoping someone can clear up a argument/dispute

Generally I will open up my throttle in a steady way, as the bike picks up speed I open it a bit more believing that that is the best way to accelerate fastest.

A friend argues the complete opposite. They contend that opening the throttle to its max will result in best acceleration, even in a carb’d bike.

But then he made an argument that I found hard to argue with.

On a modern bike with fuel injection theoretically you can not flood an engine with fuel, the fuel management system will only take what the bike will use.

I dont know, maybe it’s a feel thing but I have always seemed to get better acceleration by steadily opening the throttle.

I’m sure there a few racers or mechanics here here who will be able to settle this.

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Exhaust gasket

Exhaust gasket

Bit of a long shot, would anyone have or know where I could get a 45mm exhaust gasket for a Honda cb1300. City spares and cotters have 44,46,47 mills. If I put a smaller or bigger one and bodged it would it make any diference?

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the unrideables

the unrideables

ITV4 now or itv4 +1 starts at 8pm….. 500cc riders and clips wainey schwantz gardner.lawson spencer…etc….might be of some interest to some of ye

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Well lads, can anyone recommend a good individual or company that would supply and fit a CCTV/Alarm system to the house. Maybe a few other bits like security lights and outside lights. I’m out west Dublin direction.

Who here has a CCTV system in the house? Find it any good or a waste if time?

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