NI import what proof for date of arrival in the state?

NI import what proof for date of arrival in the state?


Been a long 4 bikeless years, but I’m finally on a hunt for a new machine :devil:

One of the options is an NI import, now that the brexit date has been pushed out a bit.

If I just ride it south (no shipment), what’s the best way to satisfy this requirement for VRT:

7. For vehicles purchased in the EU, we require shipping details to confirm the date of arrival of the vehicle in the state.

Also, for any Aprilia owners, where do you service your bikes?


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MUGEN SHINDEN Hachi TT Zero 2019

MUGEN SHINDEN Hachi TT Zero 2019

At the 46th Tokyo Motorcycle Show,TEAM MUGEN introduced “Shinden Hachi” the 8th iteration of the EV machine with which MUGEN will take on the Isle of Man TT Zero Challenge.

The team welcomes Bathams Brewery as a new sponsor this year, and will race as “TEAM BATHAMS MUGEN”.

Revisions for 2019 include development of the electric drivetrain to provide an increase of output power, and aerodynamic improvements to improve bike stability and reduce drag at the higher speeds the bikes are expected to reach.

As in previous years the team’s ambition will be to optimize their performance and win the race for the 6th successive year, and to further extend the lap record from the current 121.824mph, set in 2018 by Team MUGEN rider, Michael Rutter aboard Shinden Nana.

Michael Rutter will return to the team for his 2nd year and will be joined by 23 time TT victor, John McGuinness.

McGuinness returns to the Isle of Man after a 2 year absence due to injury, and will be looking to resume his winning ways straight away, and add to his two TT Zero wins.

However, his 2019 team-mate, Rutter, is unbeaten in his 4 TT Zero races, and will be looking to defend his record while adding a 5th electric vehicle win to his name.

Regardless of anything else, TEAM BATHAMS MUGEN is set up for a fascinating intra-team head to head contest over the TT fortnight.

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RIP: Arlen Ness

RIP: Arlen Ness

This man was a legend. RIP

Click the image to open in full size.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce Arlen Ness the visionary, loving husband, father, grandfather and leader of our family passed away last night March 22, 2019. Arlen passed away comfortably in his home surrounded by loved ones after the most creative and inspirational life anyone could imagine.

The most important things in Arlen’s life were his wife of 59 years Beverly, his children, grandchildren, friends and motorcycles. Arlen once said that “Motorcycling has been a great ride…my whole life since I’ve been motorcycling has been wonderful. I’ve met so many nice people. Friends all over the world…. We can go almost anyplace and stay with friends. It’s been great.” With few words Arlen conveyed his priorities every day, family and friends.

Everyone who knew Arlen respects him for his achievements and for who he was as a person, both of which are superlatives. The respect is how Arlen came to deserve the commonly spoken nickname “The King of Custom Motorcycles”. Arlen rarely reflected on his own success. He never planned for it, this is because what he achieved had never been done before; it had never been dreamt of.

Arlen has touched the lives of our family, the Arlen Ness team and thousands of others around the world with his genuine character. We will announce a memorial service and celebration of life after some private time, and appreciate your understanding. We thank you for your respects and condolences.

Although the Ness family cannot put their loss into words, they can look up and smile knowing Arlen has done something that few men do in a lifetime of trying. He has inspired.

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Cotters open day today

Cotters open day today

Well lads on the lookout for a new lid, had a shark (not sure of model) last 3 years and it needs to be replaced . Where do ye all shop for yours ?

It’s saved my head twice so not looking at 3rd time lucky :ninja:

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Replacement English Log book

Replacement English Log book

Hi lads,

Just wondering if anyone has ever got a replacement UK log book. I have a UK bike here, no license plate or log book, but last owner said its English. It’s been stored for years.

Any ideas how to go about obtaining one? Or where to contact.?

Have vin and and engine number.


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