Licence laws and ibt

Licence laws and ibt

I know this topic has probably been covered 1000 times now.

Right I am trying to get back into bikes again after driving cages for years.

I had a permit back in 2011 and had 5years no claims.

This has all expired and so has my no claims.

I was just wondering do I need to do ibt?

I have researched the topic and from what I can gather I can get an a2 permit without doing ibt.

If so what ibt do I need to obtain a learner a permit, I am over 24 years.

I need to apply for the test to get another permit so should I apply for a test or a2 test.

These new laws have me confused.

Any advice would be much appreciated. :thumbsup2:

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Sp1 v RSVR

Sp1 v RSVR

Just curious as to which would ye pick between the two?
I’m guessing most will pick the Honda.
They are making good money at moment.
I rather the RSVR(that’s why I have one)
Also with the RSVR you get Ohlins, brembos and carbon fibre bits and pieces.

The sp is making more money in Ireland at the moment but I have seen two same bikes as mine(2003)sold in England recently, one sold for 7000 sterling and the other 5000 sterling.

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Planning on camping? Tent for rent

Planning on camping? Tent for rent
Save yourself the hassle of bringing a tent (especially if flying)

I’ve got a 4 berth tent – 2 sleeping areas – that will be doing nothing over TT that you can use for the price of a few beers. Also comes with 4 seater table if required.

You will need to arrange your own site, but I could probably meet you there with the tent.

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