Brake fluid damage

Brake fluid damage

Just noticed my master cylinder has been leaking (probably for some time as havent driven the bike in a while) and there is a kind of a white streak mark in the fairing panel where the dot 4 has dripped down damaging the paintwork.

Short of bringing it to an expert or buying a new fairing is there any over the counter products that might work?

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Engine wanted 2008 zx6r

Engine wanted 2008 zx6r

Hey guys,

Well she went with a bang this morning, broke the conrod and sent it through the front and rear of the engine. managed to keep her upright though …. back wheel was all over the place with the oil and coolant all over it!

I know its a long shot but…..would anyone of you know of a replacement engine for sale? I have done the usual searches with no luck …..apparently they are like hen’s teeth, only weaker 😉

Must be the 08 model for a straight fit.


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Stator issue/repair needed

Stator issue/repair needed

Well lads.

I’ve an issue with the charging system on the gsx 1400.

Bike would struggle to start and most of the time would need to use the booster pack on it.battery was only a year old .

So I recharged the battery ,read 12.7v so all good.

Voltage at idle eventually got to 13v but when I increased the rpm the voltage dropped.

So I tested the rectifier and all diodes tested fine.

Tested the stator winding resistance and all in spec of the Haynes manual.

But when I tested the AC of each winding from the stator at 5krpm , I was only getting 45volts instead of a stated 60v needed in the manual.

Does this explain the crappy charging system and why the volts decrease with increased rpm?

Is there somewhere to rewind these? Preferably in a day or 2?

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Cj 360 t honda

Cj 360 t honda

Hi all .anyone have one here or any experience with one going looking at one next week .what to look out for and are parts easy to get .any advice welcome

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