RC8R wont start

RC8R wont start

Totally screwed up my bike today

I’ve been having problems with the selected gear indicator/neutral light on my bike. It’s getting 1st, N and 2nd mixed up
(this all started when I gave the chain a good clean)

So this evening I took off kick stand and underneath it the gear selected indicator

In my stupidity I also took off the clutch plunger cover thing at the side of the engine near the front sprocket. (to clean in there also)

Anyway I took off the the gear indicator thing small amounts of oil trickled out, gave it a quick clean and put it back in.

Cleaned the side/kick stand as well and then put that back on over it.

put it all back together, tried to start bike, but it wouldn’t start

Was making 1 turn of the start (maybe even half a turn) but no joy

Connected TuneECU thing to read error codes, Ran tests, nothing coming back.

Now it just makes a tick when I try to start it

Any idea what I could have done?

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